About Synergy

What is Synergy-UK?

Synergy is a family-run IT company based in Sheffield, north-central England. We offer IT support and services in Sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire using remote support tools.

We combine the shared expertise, knowledge and experience of our staff with Synergy’s overarching commitment to going the extra mile for every one of our clients in order to provide services that are seamless, successful and personalised.

Working with small-to-medium-sized businesses, we offer services that are tailored to your needs – and that’s what sets us apart from our competitors. We’re more than just any-old supplier, and that’s why hundreds of organisations – ranging from small, humble start-ups to large, multi-million-pound businesses and charities – have chosen Synergy-UK to cater to all their IT needs.

We believe that our customers’ success is our success, and with our team of dedicated experts and over 25 years of IT experience, we’re ready to get to work for you.

The front of the Synergy-UK office from outside at night

Redefining IT Management Services

Synergy’s goal is not only to achieve great things in our industry, but to redefine managed IT services completely. Seven years ago, we embarked on a mission to provide our clients with IT services that are proactive, effective, efficient and most importantly, enjoyable.

Our journey towards revolutionising the IT support industry is centred on our focus on having an innovative mindset and nurturing close partnerships – that’s what distinguishes us from our competition.

We strive to balance business acumen and technical expertise in such a way that we can create IT solutions that are specific to your individual needs. Not only that, but we are firm believers of the notion that our solutions need to not only accommodate your growth, but they need to nurture and foster your growth too.

Part of achieving these goals is forming a close relationship between our experts and your employees, so much so that we become an extension of your team. That way, we can all work together towards achieving shared business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company.

At Synergy-UK, we’re about more than just solving your IT problems and moving on – we’re fully invested in creating ad nurturing relationships with our clients so that we can achieve long-term goals together.

Mission Statement

“Synergy-UK strives to provide excellent quality service. We focus on fixing issues, so our customers can operate securely and efficiently. Without problems, you can focus on your business and not IT issues.”

How Synergy-UK Began

Founded in 1996 by Raymond Luke and Karl Ashford, Synergy-UK has always been ahead of its time, taking the IT world by storm from its very inception. Luke and Ashford, the current director of Synergy-UK, partnered up with a combination of 20 years of experience in the IT industry (10 years each) at the time, already putting them ahead of the game.

Their joint business venture began as an IT support and services company, much in the same way that Synergy-UK operates today. However, they soon expanded their offerings, having invented low-energy, battery-powered and solar-powered servers.

These innovative solar-powered models had the ability to run indefinitely from no more than a single solar panel. Meanwhile, the battery-operated models could operate for weeks on end, completely independently of external power sources.

Luke and Ashford were incredibly successful in both avenues of their business – their IT services and solar-powered and battery-operated servers.

The broad success of Synergy-UK led to Raymond and Karl deciding to split the company in two based on its varied offerings, for the sake of being able to stimulate and nurture growth for both their IT services and energy-saving products.

Raymond moved to London to focus on the low-energy servers, both the manufacturing and distribution of the products. Meanwhile, Karl stuck with their original business venture, retaining the Synergy-UK brand and specialising in business-to-business (B2B) IT support.

As of 2023, Synergy-UK continues to flourish under the directorship of Karl Ashford. Not only are we still going strong, but we’ve grown alongside the evolution and innovation of the IT industry.

With more than 25 years in the business, we are generally recognised as experts in the industry. Not only have we been doing this for a long time, but we’ve been able to successfully support and service hundreds of small-to-medium-sized clients – many of whom have chosen to stay with us for decades due to our strong professional relationships and overall success. In fact, 75% of our clients have been with us for five years or more!

Our Services: What We Can Do for You

We have a broad variety of offerings available to our customers. This is separated into IT support, on the one hand, and a range of other IT-related services, on the other.

IT Support

First and foremost, Synergy-UK provides thorough IT support that prioritises our customers. We are firmly committed to putting our customers and their needs first, and we believe that improving customer service standards is a continuous process that requires constant effort.

Synergy-UK provides two main types of IT support:

It all depends on your location and preference. Furthermore, we also provide different options based on how much support you want and need:

You can decide how much or how little support your business needs, and Synergy-UK will be there to give it to you.

Additional IT-Related Services We Offer

…and so much more.

Having something specific in mind that you’d like us to do for you? Contact Synergy-UK today and we’ll give you a free quote for our services!

Our Experience in the IT Field

As we’ve mentioned, Synergy-UK has in excess of 25 years of experience in IT, and our director, Karl Ashford, as well as some of the other experts on our team, have been working in the industry for even longer.

The majority of our clients are based in Sheffield, but we also provide IT support and services to businesses in the broader South Yorkshire area, as well as even further afield across other parts of the UK.

We believe that our customers’ loyalty to Synergy-UK and the longevity of so many of our professional relationships is a true testament to both their dedication and our commitment to the success of their businesses.

Our support and services are extensive and far reaching, making Synergy-UK a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs. From moving offices and installing new servers to adding capacity to your networks and assessing your cybersecurity needs, we’ve got you covered.

For a free quote on any of our services, contact us now!

What Do Our Customers Think?

Our aim at Synergy-UK is not just to provide customers with services and walk away – we’re committed to your goals and it’s important to us that our clients are satisfied and happy.

Now, based on the number of long-term clients we’ve retained since our early days, as well as the five different customer service awards we’ve won over the years, we’re fairly confident that our clients are happy.

However, we’re not about making assumptions. So, just to double check – and to get more detailed information on how they feel about our performance and service offerings – we ask our customers for their feedback on every single IT issue we address. This helps us understand what we’re doing right and what we may be doing wrong, and it gives us the opportunity to improve our services.

Customer Reviews of Synergy-UK

So, enough talk – what do our reviews actually say?

With hundreds of reviews over 25 years across various online platforms (including Google, Trustpilot, Yelp and more), we’ve achieved an average of five-out-of-five-star ratings across the board. Our five-star rating is the culmination of consistent hard work and the high standard of customer service that we constantly strive to achieve.

Here’s what our customers think of Synergy-UK:

Our five star reviews on Google

Dealing with Synergy-UK is effortless. We had to move offices and they just got to work moving our services hassle free. – Tim Walker

The support from Synergy is excellent. Very quick to respond and always gets to the bottom of the problem. Thanks you! – Joan Gipe

We have worked with Synergy for over two years now and the support provided has been unmatched. Steven and the team are extremely responsive, knowledgeable and efficient. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Synergy to other businesses seeking IT support. A great team providing a great service. – We Do HR Support

After consulting other it companies we were blown away by Synergy-UK. They understood our needs, and offered a personal service and have performed exceptionally. – Justin Lambin.

Friendly and dedicated staff that take the time to understand the problem and solve it quickly and efficiently. I have been dealing with Synergy for 4 years and have no regrets. – Ross Vailly

They are very helpful and friendly and we would happily recommend them to anyone looking for IT support. – Dorothy Roberts.

Great technical team, a pleasure doing business with them. No problem too big or small it seems. They give the confidence you need, to feel secure and well looked after with your it requirements, they also use Apple Macs too so cover for both windows PC and the Apple PC, not very often you see that. – Gail Fuentes

Want to hear more about our customers’ experiences with Synergy-UK? You’ll find many more reviews on these review pages:

We always want to know what our customers have to say about their experiences working with us. And, we want potential clients to trust that we’re not all talk and no action! That’s why we’re 100% open to sharing all the feedback we receive so that you can be confident in our commitment to doing the best job we can for your business.

Industry Awards

We’re not here for the glory, but it doesn’t hurt to have our hard work, skill and diligence recognised by industry professionals.

Here are some of our most significant accreditations, organisation memberships and partnerships:

Cyber Essentials Plus

One of the most important aspects of IT-related business is cybersecurity, and that’s why we undergo an annual assessment by another third-party IT security specialist to ensure that we’re meeting the government’s Cyber Essentials IT security requirements.

Essentially, they’re checking that all our systems are completely safe and secure from threats including viruses, malware and data leaks.

Thus, our customers can rest assured that your systems and data are secure with Synergy-UK.

ISO 9001

Synergy-UK is proud to hold an ISO 9001 accreditation in Quality Management. Now, if you’re not an expert in the industry, you’re most likely wondering what on earth that is.

Well, every year, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) conducts third-party audits on businesses such as Synergy-UK to ensure that the company’s professional processes and procedures are being conducted properly and that the quality thereof is held to the highest of standards.

Furthermore, ISO ensures that queries are dealt with timeously and efficiently but staff who are both friendly and professional.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Our team consists of experts in various IT niches, one of which is Microsoft software. With several Microsoft experts and specialists at Synergy-UK, we are accredited as a Microsoft Gold Partner, which is quite an achievement.

What does this mean? Essentially, it shows that not only are we good at what we do, but it proves our level of expertise, experience, authority and trust within the IT support industry. So, if Microsoft and our peers trust us, individuals and bodies who know what they’re doing, you can too.

Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

An integral component of the success of IT companies is communication and connection with other local businesses.

Synergy-UK is a proud member of the Rotherham Chamber of Commerce which allows us access a network of other Rotherham-based enterprises. This access helps us develop partnerships and collaborations with players across the industry, which contributes to our constant effort to improve our IT-services and solutions.

Having good relationships with colleagues and competitors helps us ensure that we’re always aware of changes in the industry, as well as being open to partnerships that contribute positively to our current offerings.

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

Synergy-UK is a member of the Sheffield Chamber of commerce which provides us with a platform to communicate with a variety of different types of businesses across the Sheffield area. This engagement allows us to share information, exchange valuable insights and identify and best practice.

As a member of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, we’ve been exposed to broader regional perspectives on business practice and more, allowing us to further enhance our IT support services according to the status quo.

Sage Partners

As IT professionals, it’s essential that we work with products that we know, understand and trust, and that’s why we’re partnered with Sage.

With our knowledge of the company and training in how to use their products, we are able to supply, install, configure and provide support a variety of Sage products.

Happy Staff, Happy Clients

While our main priority as an IT support and service provider is ensuring that our customers satisfied, we know that happiness begins at home, so to speak.

We like to operate according to a basic principle of wanting to do well and be successful. If our employees are genuinely committed to doing good work and achieving the goals our customers set out for us – as opposed to having to do it under threat of punishment – they’re far more likely to be successful. And, our employees are a lot more likely to care about the results of their work if they’re happy.

So, at Synergy-UK, we believe that it’s absolutely essential to satisfy our clients, but to keep our staff happy too. And, there are several important things that go into maintaining employee satisfaction.

  • Recognising good work.
  • Investing in employees’ development.
  • Giving our employees professional and creative autonomy.
  • Providing opportunities for progress.
  • Challenging our employees.
  • Hosting imaginative work events to stimulate team building.

…all of this in addition to treating them with respect, of course – although, that should go without saying.

Synergy-UK Service Areas

With out ability to offer both on-site and remote support, there’s no limit to who and where we can help. In fact, in terms of the latter, we’ve been able to provide remote IT support – as well as cloud and hosted services – all over the world, to businesses based as far as the United State, Africa and even Australia.

On-Site IT Call-Out Service Areas

Of course, callouts are a little different. We’re based in Sheffield, but we offer call-out services all over not only South Yorkshire, but the whole of the United Kingdom.

Here are our main locations:

Not sure if your location is within our call-out perimeter? Contact us now and find out!

What Can Synergy-UK Do for You?

Not only are we solution-based, but we are committed to going the extra mile for our customers. We’ll cater to all your IT needs, and we’ll also do everything we can to help you utilise technology to enhance your business experience as much as possible.

Here are the main aspects of what we can do for you:

  • Access the latest and most modern technology to help you achieve your goals, by means of the relationships we’ve established leading technology providers.
  • Keep your business up to date with cyber security software and safety measures by providing proactive network monitoring and 24/7 support.
  • Work towards your professional goals with a uniquely designed IT setup according to your business targets.

Why You Should Work with Us

On top of the main aspects of what we can do for you, there are several other things that make Synergy-UK stand out from our competitors.

🌟 Family-Run Business 

Synergy-UK is a local, family-run business that has been operating since 1996. As such, the main pillars of our reputation are trust, honesty and up-to-date advice. We care about the needs and happiness of both our customers and our staff, and that’s what allows us to have a functional and successful business and work environment.

Our business started with a passion for family – that is, our own competent team and their loved ones as well as our entire community of customers and local businesses we work with. Our new company film captures the essence of our commitment to family values.

🌟 Your IT Needs Are Our Priority

Our customers come to us to solve their IT problems, so we believe that it’s important that we take these challenges off your hands completely. When you give us a task to do or a problem to solve, you can rest assured that we’ve got it covered while you carry on with business.

🌟 We’re Dedicated to Your Business

We believe in a fast and simple approach to providing businesses with IT solutions that suit your needs and give you the time you need to run all aspects of your business.

🌟 We Look After You

We feel very strongly about trust, and in order to have trust in a professional relationship, honesty is essential. Not only will we always be open and honest with you about the services we can provide your business, but we promise to be professional, respectful, caring and dedicated at all times.

🌟 We Offer Exceptional Solutions 

Our staff are experienced and have top-quality technical knowledge and expertise. This coupled with Synergy-UK’s partnerships with highly regarded technological companies al over the world gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best possible IT solutions.

🌟 Rapid Response Times

Synergy-UK provides rapid response times to our customers’ queries.

There’s no two ways about it – our Service Level Agreements are unbeatable, and consistently so.

🌟 Over 25 Years of Experience in the Industry 

Synergy-UK has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, which has given us the opportunity to learn and evolve over the years. We are confident that we not only have exceptional technical know-how, but we also know how the industry works and how to be successful.

🌟 Dedicated Service Manager

Our clients are assigned a dedicated service manager that is experienced in working closely with all the key stakeholders in our IT process. This allows us to ensure that our clients’ business development goals are worked on with the ITIL (information technology infrastructure library) framework in mind.

🌟 Our Approach to Partnerships

We believe that when we work together, we will become an extension of your team, with shared interests and common goals. Our team has close professional relationships with each and every one of our clients. Furthermore, we only enter partnerships that we believe will be successful, so you can rest assured that if we’re working together, we believe we can achieve all our goals.

What Makes Synergy-UK Unique?

Here are some of the main factors that we think make Synergy-UK unique:

  • Nothing is Too Complicate: We strongly believe in making the complicated simple – that is, IT problems and solutions, business management, professional relationships and everything else you could possibly think of. We’re committed to taking the difficulties out of IT so that we can make technology work for you.
  • We’re Passionate About What We Do: If you don’t love what you do, there will always be a limit to your success. At Synergy-UK, we’re passionate about our work, and that’s what allows us to achieve great things and foster close, long-term relationships.
  • Our Age is One of our Biggest Assets: We’ve been around for 25 years, but that doesn’t make us outdated – we make a concerted effort to stay relevant and keep with the times. In fact, having been around the block once or twice means that means that there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done. As one of our customers, you’ll benefit from our experience and know how, and if you happen to bring us a problem we’ve never dealt with before, you can rest assured that we’ll find the answers for you.
  • We Listen to You: We may have the knowledge, experience and expertise, but that doesn’t mean we always know better than you. We appreciate your input, and we listen to what you think, feel and want. We like to get to know you and understand what drives you so that our solutions will cater to your specific neds. That way, you’ll get a tailor-made package that’ll help you develop and grow your business without IT problems – and if you have any, we’ll be ready and waiting to sort them out!
  • You Tell Us When You’re Happy: Our job is done when you’re completely satisfied – and not a second before that! Rest assured that our team will be in the trenches with you as long as it takes to make things perfect.  
Karl Ashford - Managing Director Karl icon

Karl Ashford

Managing Director

Karen Andrews - Financial Director Karen icon

Karen Andrews

Financial Director

Leigh Ashford - Administrative Assistant Leigh icon

Leigh Ashford

Administrative Assistant

Sam Ashford - Security Analyst Sam icon

Sam Ashford

Security Analyst

Steven Reid - Senior IT Technician Steven icon

Steven Reid

Senior IT Technician

Keith Bingham - IT Manager Keith icon

Keith Bingham

IT Manager

Owen Whiteman - Junior IT Support Technician Owen icon

Owen Whiteman

Junior IT Support Technician

Mandy Sargent - Personal Assistant to Managing Director Mandy icon

Mandy Sargent

Personal Assistant to Managing Director

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