Ad hoc IT Support

Pay as You Go Ad hoc IT Support

Many companies sometimes need pay-as-you-go IT Support, whether it be a temporary cover or if you have infrequent issues. Eventually, it can work out much more cost-effectively, letting us support you as and when you need us. It’s perfect for meeting budget requirements. We can offer a guaranteed and agree to a fixed price with a ceiling on billable hours. There is no pre-booking or block purchasing required. It lets us offer you pricing up front at our standard hourly rates.

The ad hoc IT service is perfect for those one-off IT issues. We can assist your in-house IT departments and IT staff. And we can help with emergency IT issues and consultation services. We provide progress updates and communication throughout any issue if and when required.

Cutting-edge IT services without any contractual ties

Cutting-edge IT services without any contractual ties

With our ad hoc IT assistance, you can access our team’s knowledge and skill sets. We can give you access to our technology and solutions without being tied to any permanent commitment, giving you the best of both worlds! We will ensure you receive the same high standards of professionalism. And the support that hundreds of our customers enjoy. Our friendly and dedicated team of IT consultants can provide you with ongoing expert advice. We have the knowledge and experience to guide now and beyond with a wide range of skills from networking, security planning and infrastructure design. We can help you with any project, whether big or small.

Emergency Ad hoc IT Services

Disasters usually happen when you are least prepared and don’t expect them; it’s times like this that we have you covered. We are here on demand when you need urgent support; we offer fast remote and callout IT assistance. If it’s something that needs doing quickly, we are ready. Our technical team is here to assist with a critical server failure or a cyberattack. We will give you a complete and comprehensive quote for the work before doing anything. And we will ensure you have no surprise bills or hidden costs.

Short-term cover for IT Departments

We often support larger businesses with in-house IT departments. They find our ad hoc IT support a perfect match when understaffed. Or if they need a little helping hand. In some cases, it just covers holidays and sickness cover. Our friendly and professional staff work well as a team in these situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ad hoc IT support?

Ad hoc IT support is a flexible and on-demand service that assists with IT issues as they arise. It's a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to get help when you need it without the need for a long-term contract.

When should I consider ad hoc IT support?

Ad hoc IT support is suitable for addressing immediate IT needs, such as troubleshooting technical issues and software installations. It may cover small-scale IT projects without committing to ongoing IT services.

How does ad hoc IT support work?

Contact us when you have an IT issue or request. We'll assess your needs, provide a quote if applicable, and assist you in promptly resolving the problem.

What types of IT issues can ad hoc support help with?

Our ad hoc IT support can assist with a wide range of issues. Some of these include software problems, hardware malfunctions, network configurations, data recovery, and more.

What is the response time for ad hoc support requests?

Our typical response time is 1 hour for remote assistance and 4 hours for a callout. However, we offer expedited support with faster response times for critical issues.

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