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What is Cloud Computing?

Imagine there’s a big “magic box” far away that can store stuff and do tasks for you. Instead of keeping all your photos, documents, or software on your computer, you can put them in this magic box. You can access the box from anywhere using the Internet whenever needed.

This “magic box” is what we call the “cloud” in “cloud computing.” But it’s a bunch of powerful computers in special buildings (called data centres). These computers store your stuff and run your software via the Internet.

Why switch to the Cloud?

  • Access Anywhere: You can access your stuff from any device with an internet connection: phones, tablets, computers, etc.
  • Saves Money: Instead of buying a super powerful computer, you can use the power of the cloud. You only pay for what you use.
  • Less Risk: If your computer breaks, your stuff is safe in the cloud. Plus, the cloud often updates and backs up things for you.
  • Sharing: It’s easy to share things with friends or co-workers because it’s already online.

Cloud computing is like having a magic box that stores your things and does tasks for you. Instead of keeping everything on your own computer, you keep it in this magic box, and you can reach it from anywhere with the Internet. Remember, it’s not an actual cloud in the sky. It’s fun to think about all those computers working for you far away!

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Think about a toy store where, instead of buying toys, you can rent them. You play with the toy for as long as you need and then return it. You only pay for the time you use it. Now, instead of toys, imagine the store lets you rent pieces of a computer: storage (like a big USB stick), processing power (the brain of the computer), and other parts. This is what IaaS does.

It’s like saying, “I don’t want to buy a whole computer or set up a big system. I just want to rent the pieces I need, use them over the internet, and pay only for what I use”.

What are the benefits of IaaS?

  • Flexibility: If your project grows, you can quickly get more pieces or return some if you need less.
  • Saves Money: No need to buy and maintain your own big computers.
  • Up to Date: The rental place (the IaaS provider) ensures everything is working well and updated.

IaaS is like a rental store for computer parts. Instead of buying and keeping your own big computers, you can rent what you need over the Internet and pay as you go.

Platform as a Service (PaaS):

Think of a big community kitchen where you can go to bake cookies. This kitchen provides ovens, mixers, pans, and everything you need. You bring your cookie dough and recipe. You don’t have to worry about how the oven works or fixing it if it breaks; you focus on baking.

Similarly, PaaS gives you a special “kitchen” to build and run your software. Instead of worrying about setting up computers, networks, or operating systems (like the oven and pans in our kitchen example), you focus on your software (your cookie recipe). The PaaS provider handles the rest.

What are the benefits of PaaS?

  • Simplicity: You only worry about your software. There is no need to manage the complicated stuff behind the scenes.
  • Tools Included: PaaS often has tools to help you build, test, and launch your software.
  • Flexible Growth: As more people use your software, the PaaS can handle the extra work.

PaaS is like a community kitchen for making software. You bring your software “recipe,” and the PaaS gives you all the tools and space to make it. No need to worry about the technical details; focus on creating!

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