Why Should You Move Your Data To The Cloud?

The importance of utilizing the cloud has become paramount within the past year. The initial conversations about cloud computing were, in the past, about modern infrastructure for quicker innovation, faster operations and saving on costs.

In 2020, as we saw a shift to a more remote way of working, the world realized the importance of cloud hosting and how the pandemic has bought new factors into focus.

For example, many companies shifted to a more remote way of working and managing their workforce. This bought factors such as remote workforce management, optimizing costs for backup and disaster recovery, skill risk and safe return to the workplace and business agility into the forefront of discussion.

The abilities and consequent value of the cloud and the need to initiate a more digital-based business model has been clear for a while now, but the realities of the pandemic made this shift a key business priority.

So what do we think will happen in the future of companies using the cloud in order to streamline their digital operations? In the coming years, we will likely see organizations building upon this momentum and moving to develop and improve upon their existing cloud implementation strategies. This means, initially, beginning their migration to the cloud and modernizing their technical platforms.

Here are some points to consider if you, like so many others, are thinking of adopting a more cloud-based strategy for running your business operations.

1. Increased flexibility with cloud computing

It’s normal that, for growing businesses, your bandwidth demands will be growing or fluctuating in line with the growth of your company. It’s very easy to scale up or down your capacity when using the cloud, meaning you may have an advantage over your competitors as you have an increased level of agility within your operations. We would note this as one of the main advantages of utilizing cloud services for your business operations, as you will gain operational agility over your competitors which is incredibly valuable.

2. Keep your data safer with optimized disaster recovery

Disaster recovery should be something that businesses of all sizes invest in. If you have a smaller business, you may lack the required budget and expertise in order to protect your data. Using the cloud gives you much more protection due to the vast range of cloud-based recovery solutions which are now available. The sheer variety of formats of data recovery will save you time, and allow you to avoid a large up-front investment that you would otherwise not be able to allocate the budget towards.

3. We maintain everything

Cloud computing allows you to utilize servers that are not on your premises, and therefore out of sight and mind. At Synergy-UK, we take care of the servers and roll out regular software updates (which include patches and any security updates) so that you do not have to work out allocating a person (and the budget) to maintain the system on-site. This saves you time, money, and any possible headache associated with server maintenance. And most importantly, leaves you free to focus on the growth and optimization of your business.

4. Minimize expenses when using cloud services

Without the high cost of hardware when using cloud services, you can easily cut costs. Simply pay as you go with one of our subscription-based models. With the easy setup and simple management, it’s never been easier to switch your technical operations to a cloud-based model.

5. Promote collaboration with the cloud

When using cloud services, your team will be able to access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere. This allows teams to be able to do more together, and optimize their skills and teamwork. Workflow which is cloud-based works alongside file sharing apps that will allow your team to make updates in real-time, and allow them to clearly see their collaborations happening in real-time. This emphasizes the need for watertight document control, as more employees and partners will be collaborating on documents.

6. Optimize your security when using the cloud

Losing, breaking, water-damaged laptops are an expensive and common problem within businesses of any size. But the loss or damage to a laptop is nothing compared to the lost data contained inside of it. Cloud computing gives you the advantage of security to avoid any hardware issues. As your data will be stored in the cloud, you will have access to it anywhere, anytime, from any device.

To find out how Synergy-UK can help your business with your cloud journey, get in contact with one of our team on 0114 221 6569.

Sam Ashford
Sam Ashford - Author

Hey, I'm Sam Ashford! I have 20 years of experience in the IT industry. I have worked as a security analyst, trainer, and writer at Synergy-UK for over ten years.

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