Why is it important to have a local IT Support Provider?

Having a local IT Support Provider means receiving top-quality, fast service, locally. As the need to stay connected has grown in recent years, so has the importance of maintaining your devices health and security, especially with the growing number of people working from home rather than offices with on-site IT support teams. Read on to find out why we believe the location of your IT Services Provider is still a key asset.

IT Support That Understands Your Business

Developing a strong partnership with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as Synergy-UK means having a helping hand from someone that understands your business goals, objectives and plans. They’ll get to know where you want to take your company, and design infrastructure depending on your individual needs and business plans.

Having a specialized IT support provider on board means organizing the most important parts of your company, from people calling your service desk, to organizing site visits to improve your IT infrastructure. It means taking the stress off of you, while still ensuring your business is protected against any attacks.

We aim to encourage cross-departmental collaboration between businesses with our service desk and your employees. Despite this, we will always ensure you have a point of contact for strategic and purchasing planning. This provides a link for support between the two businesses, keeping your businesses objectives and plans at the forefront of the teams mind so that they are able to act accordingly. This will help develop your existing infrastructure plans and support packages in order to enable your business to grow to the levels that you desire, if not excel them.

In order to keep up to date with your businesses current requirements and develop systems, we encourage regular meetings between us to assess the previous periods and make plans for how we can adjust and improve our IT infrastructure plan in order to continue to better serve your company at all times. We assess what is working well and what we can adjust to run better, creating a plan moving forward that will improve our services in order to align with your business current and future needs.

We will often hold Quarterly Business Review meetings, otherwise known as QBR’s. During these QBR’s, we assess strategic KPIs and your companies future plans, highlighting the importance of a local IT support provider. Having access to your IT support provider saves time and money due to not having to travel far or schedule for them to come to you, saving your business resources.

Being able to have face-to-face meetings after the COVID pandemic when most of the UK population was regularly having video calls is a refreshing change and usually more effective. Face to face conversations encourage flowing conversation and productivity that can lead to discoveries concerning how your IT infrastructure could be improved.

Fast Assistance

95% of IT problems are resolved remotely, but the other 5% usually have to be resolved by an engineer attending the site in order to rectify the issue. Often, the problems that require an engineer to come and visit the site are the most crucial to the functioning of your company. Situations such as these could be anything from a computer breaking down to a whole server outage which causing massive disruption to the entire business.

There are certain disaster recovery solutions that can remotely detect any issues in your entire server infrastructure remotely. These solutions take place over a matter of minutes and ensure any disruption is minimal. Even with a system like this in place, it is an important addition to your business to ensure any damage to physical infrastructure is fixed in a fast manner to prevent any future disruption.

Onboarding a local IT Support Provider will therefore save you time, money and potential damage, and allows for seamless movement throughout potential IT disasters, ensuring you get an engineer out as soon as possible – ultimately saving your company time and money. We offer disaster recovery for Cyberattacks as well, you can check out our Top 3 Cyber Threats Facing Small Business.

Training and Events

Technology is rapidly changing and evolving, and with change comes the opportunity to grow and develop your business to streamline the operations of your business. One element of onboarding a local IT services provider is that you will be ahead of the curve when it comes to these new, emerging technologies, knowing about them before your potential competitors.

Your IT support provider is likely in the know when it comes to these technologies, and will be able to accurately advise you and break down a plan for how you can streamline your work processes in the future, depending on what your business requires.

It is always important to consider the everyday user of your IT infrastructure, and how they can potentially benefit from your adaption to a local IT partnership. For example, in person training provides something that online support does not, which is a person, in real time, sitting next to you and guiding you through any training processes you deem fit for your employees. Despite the transition to a more technologically-advanced world, many people still struggle with technology on the daily, and may benefit from an in-person training session where they are able to ask all the questions they desire.

A managed IT service partner that provides regular, high-quality training sessions to customers and employees alike will help your business to succeed. They believe in sharing the knowledge they have in order to make the lives of those around them easier and more stress-free. They know that in order for their business to succeed, they must assist you in helping your business succeed, meaning providing the infrastructure, tools and training necessary to allow your company to grow, expand and flourish. When it comes to technology, there is always more to learn. Even about those software programs you use every single day!


  • Face to face meetings can often be more productive for quick strategic developments
  • Relationships grow because of a shared understanding of local business needs
  • Local coordination for quick and easy resolution of issues
  • No extra travel costs or expenses

In-person training can sometimes be more effective

Sam Ashford
Sam Ashford - Author

Hey, I'm Sam Ashford! I have 20 years of experience in the IT industry. I have worked as a security analyst, trainer, and writer at Synergy-UK for over ten years.

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