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What is Remote Working?

Remote working is like using that magic door. Instead of physically going to an office or a school, you do your job wherever you are, usually from home. You use the internet to talk with colleagues, access your work tools, and send/receive tasks. Your computer screen is like a window into your workplace.

Why is Remote Access Popular?

Comfort: You can work in your pyjamas from your comfy couch.
No Commute: Save time and money since you don’t need to travel.
Flexibility: You can set up your workspace how you like and often choose your work hours.
Global Opportunities: Companies can hire the best people, no matter where they live.

Remote working is like having a magic door that lets you work from home (or anywhere). Instead of going to an office, you use your computer and the internet to do your job and talk to your team. It’s like bringing the office to you!

Remote Access Tools (like TeamViewer)

Picture a magical telescope. Looking through it, you can see stars and rooms far away. Let’s say your friend has a tricky puzzle at their house and needs your help. You can see their puzzle using this telescope and even move the pieces around from your own home.

These tools are like our magic telescope. They let you see and control another computer from far away. If your friend has a problem with their computer, you don’t need to be there physically. You can use a tool like TeamViewer to look at their screen and even move their mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting right next to them.

Why is TeamViewer Useful?

Help from Afar: Assist friends, family, or co-workers with computer issues without being in the same room.
Access Your Files: If you forgot a file on your office computer, you can use these tools to get it from home.
Safety: It’s secure. Only people with the right permission can connect.

Remote access tools, like TeamViewer, are like a magic telescope for computers. You can see and control another computer from anywhere in the world. It’s like reaching through the screen to help or grab something you need!

Alternate Remote Control Software


Fast: Known for its speedy performance, even on slower connections.
Lightweight: The software is small, so it doesn’t take up much space or slow down your device.
Simple Interface: Clean and user-friendly.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Free: No cost to use.
Browser-based: Works through the Chrome browser, so there is no need for extra software.
Cross-Platform: Use it on different operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.


File Sharing: Easily transfer files between computers.
Multi-monitor Display: If you have multiple screens, you can see them all.
Audio and Sound: Hear sounds from the remote computer.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Integrated with Windows: Built into Windows, so easy for Windows users.
Multitouch: Supports gestures if you’re using a touch screen.
Secure: Connections are protected with strong security measures.

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