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Does your business need a reliable internet connection? Is your current broadband line fast and reliable enough? If you need a fast connection for applications, VoIP, or upload and downloads. You have come to the right place! Synergy-UK has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. And off a business grade supplied for leased lines. We can provide Wireless internet services through wired Fibre leased lines.

All of our business broadband packages use a 21C IP access platform. And it’s accessible through over 1,100 access nodes across the UK. We use the fastest, most resilient network backbone to simplify the jargon. We can offer you speeds from 10 Mbps to 10,000 Mbps. In both the WI-FI form and wired Fibre throughout the UK.

The Synergy-UK internet network will continue to develop. And we continue to offer the best national Internet connectivity. We’re here to support your business’ broadband needs now and in the future. Our high-speed business Wi-Fi caters for a range of different business types. O unmatched services to give you the digital edge. No other company can install a wireless lease line within two days.

Bespoke for you.

Our approach is to pay attention to your needs. We will discuss your requirements and look at our options before picking the most suitable service for you.

We have a range of Wireless and Wi-Fi solutions available. With hardware from major brands such as Ubiquiti and Mikrotik. We can get you faster connections in places where others can’t.

Connectivity for everyone.

We understand you need a stable connection.

Depending on your location, the connectivity types available varies. This is why we offer a range of broadband solutions. These include ADSL, EFM, Wireless, Point-to-Point, Fibre Leased Lines. We have a plethora of superfast and reliable Internet connections.

5 Things that a local business ought to learn about Wi-Fi.

Picking the proper internet connection for your business can be complex. But here are 5 things that you ought to recognize. To help you make the best decision for your business.

1. Number of users.

Consider how many users will be on your network. This can include staff, customers and visitors. Your broadband must have the ability to handle the bandwidth of demand.

2. Quantity of internal wireless access points.

Wi-Fi access points are referred to as accessibility points (APs). They are an essential factor in any company distributing Wi-Fi. Having enough APs to cover your business area is critical. You will need full coverage across the regions required in your facility. And your broadband will need low latency for reliable Wi-Fi.

3. Security

Security is something most don’t even consider when switching. Your connection is a target for hackers both internal and external. Your IP address is a target and doorway from the internet. Access to your physical network is a doorway. And the proximity of your wireless are things you should consider. All of our leased lines have protection with authentication and encryption.

4. Visitor network access.

Many companies may have a public access visitor network. Alongside their business network.l network. If so, the broadband line will need the bandwidth to cover this demand. Our Fibre leased lines and wireless leased lines are perfect for this.

5. Data collection for marketing.

We offer many Wi-Fi solutions many need to be made aware of. Suppose your business provides any public or visitor Wi-Fi access. You can turn this into a marketing machine. You can request people fill in personal information. Y a phone number and email for access. This is the point they connect. You can then use this information later for marketing purposes.

Why is company broadband much more costly than residence broadband?

While residential broadband comes with reduced fees, you can’t compare them. Our business broadband offers record-breaking low latency throughout the UK. This gives your business instant response to internet connection requests. We can provide matching upload and download speeds. 1 Gbps upload and 1 Gbps download, for example. And we have the flexibility for multiple static IP addresses.

Next, there is resilience, and this is the uptime of the connection. It’s common for residential connections to drop when the weather is terrible. Business lines are much more resident. And we guarantee 99.99% uptime. And there are contention ratios, which is if your bandwidth’s shared. For residential bandwidth shared, during peak periods, your performance may drop. With business broadband lines, you have dedicated bandwidth others can’t touch.

Can you get broadband service if you’re running an organization from the house?

Business broadband is more costly than residence broadband. But if you rely on a fast and stable connection, it’s worth the cost. We have many options to suit differing requirements and budgets. Choose from EMF, Wireless Point-to-Point, Fibre Leased Lines and more. We can install our products on your business premises or residential property.

And remember, you can claim the expense of a business broadband connection. And you can claim your end-of-year tax expense back.


Getting Started

To get started, you only need to get in touch. Contact us via email, phone or through our Clients Contact Form.


We'll have a chat about what you need

You’ll need to tell us the outcome you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest.

Benefit from your Team.

Speak to our Experts to discuss your needs. And we can go through the details and get the ball rolling.

We'll deploy your new services.

We’ll install, set up and support you through the whole process. And ensure you’re secure and confident in your IT moving forwards.

Better Business Continuity and Risk Management

  • We offer a 99.9% availability guarantee.
  • Market Leading Service Level Agreement.
  • We guarantee fault response within 30 minutes from our IT support team.
  • During our working hours, our engineers are on hand.
  • We can resolve most issues remotely but visit the site if needed.
  • Microsoft is a trained and qualified engineer.
  • Target fix within 4 hours.
  • Our lines are always open Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.
  • With our premium lines, we do have a 24/7 contact number.

Improving your efficiency and productivity

  • Our bandwidth’s not shared, unlike most other suppliers.
  • The uncontended speed with matching upload and download speeds.
  • Guaranteed latency (20ms or less in the UK).
  • Zero packet loss.

Better Cost Management

Router supplied if required.

Flexible bandwidth, so you only pay for what you need.

Free static IP address included.

Multiple IP addresses are available.

Greater Flexibility

Upgrade without penalty, connection speed upgrade if you need more throughput.

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