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Hosted PBX Phone Solutions for UK Business

Is your phone system costing too much or lacking many useful features? Maybe it’s time to look at a new feature-rich Hosted PBX. Moving your phone system to the cloud has too many advantages to list. With a hosted phone system, you can, if you want, completely do away with desk phones. Windows, Linux, macOS and Android devices can run softphone clients that connect to the PBX system. Giving you every feature imaginable with cost-effective and simple installation. It’s perfect for employees on the move or working from home.

Our cloud phone system has many nifty features. Such as an auto attendant, allowing incoming callers to select different options to be routed to different employees or departments. Conference calling to allow multiple people to join the same conversion. Video calling from any device with a camera, such as a phone, laptop or desktop computer. Hunt groups to allow different incoming numbers to call different departments. It can then be transferred to a different department if it isn’t unanswered. IVR to allow computer interaction via the keypad. And much, much more.

Hosted telephony systems are cost-effective, infinitely scalable and can break the office boundaries

Hosted telephony systems are cost-effective, infinitely scalable and can break the office boundaries

Hosted PBX Phone Systems are not tied to locations of office boundaries; they are as flexible as you are. Allowing your team to connect to the phone system from anywhere in the world from almost any device. You can increase and decrease devices as much as you like. If you take on a temporary sales force, you can have them up and running with soft clients from their mobiles or workstations in minutes. And deactivate the accounts once the campaign is over. Giving you a simplified and cost-effective solution.

To many features to list

Our Hosted PBX offers a wide selection of brilliant business features. The features include:

  • Low upfront costs
  • Fully managed
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Call routing
  • Auto attendants
  • Conference calls
  • Phone menus
  • Voicemails
  • Call queuing
  • Greetings
  • Phone call recording

Hosted phone systems Cost Less

On-site desk phones, ISDN lines, traditional phone systems and on-site PBXs can’t be updated. And upgrading them may cost thousands of pounds. Hosted PBX solutions don’t rely on specific broadband or telephone lines. Or any hardware, for that matter, your hardware cost is now zero. It’s all software-based; new features and functionality are added to the online system frequency. All you need is a free software update. Traditional phone system prices are crippling compared to hosted solutions.

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