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We Can Supply and Support your Business

Synergy has established partnerships with many top hardware vendors. So we can offer a variety of IT hardware for your business. Including Super Micro, Dell and HP servers. Cisco and Polycom phones and phone systems. Through Mikrotik, Cisco, Draytek, and Ubiquity networking supplies. We recommend IT solutions that both suits your needs and budget. Our technicians are researching new IT hardware. And can offer up-to-date products and advice.

We shop around for the best prices from our wide range of products. We are saving you time, money and lots of head-scratching! We’re tech-savvy and know what hardware products are out there. Let us find the supplies to suit your requirements.

IT Hardware supply for data backup and recovery

IT Hardware supply for data backup and recovery

We will advise on plans for backing up and recovering critical data. Is your Server safe? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Are all your important documents backed up? Could your business carry on if you lose vital data? Could you face fines or legal action for losing customer data? Please don’t leave it to wait until the worst happens. Most people only take action after IT hardware failure. But sorting beforehand can ensure your work is manageable.

Expert Products Suggestions

Our team has an understanding of all the latest products. And the technology advancements. We will address all of your ideas and concerns. To make sure that the item we recommend is the best for your needs. We aim to provide hardware that will benefit your business. We can assist in the setup, maintenance and advice on your products. We can do all this at a competitive rate!

Our Service and Warranty

People need to pay more attention to service and warranties when purchasing products. Many times customers focus on the price. And when something breaks, or you need support, they end up in a sticky spot. This is where our expertise shines. We can offer you a warranty on all of your orders. We can give you extended warranty periods like 35 years. And when you need support, we are here. We have over 25 years of training and experience in the IT trade.

Affordable & Based On Your Companies Needs

We don’t just aim to sell you the products we make the most profit on. We like to get you know you, your business, and your staff. We focus on learning what your company needs. Pick the hardware that will help the most. Call our friendly team today for excellent service!

Equipment Monitoring

With all of your purchases, we do not just supply them and leave. We keep a record of your assets. And if you need a warranty or technical advice later, call us. We can set up monitoring for things like servers, switches and routers. So if you need technical support, we can help with that. Or, if your toners start running low, we can ship them before you run out. Or we can let you know when your server hard drives are filling up. Ensuring your business runs smoothly.

We Offer a Unique Approach To Our Customers

Many of our competitors don’t care about looking after customs. They want to make the sale and move on. And many competitors don’t have the knowledge and expertise we have. We know how to set up, install, and maintain your switches, servers and routers. We care about you and our existing customers. If something breaks, call us, and we can diagnose and repair faults. We are in Sheffield but offer our services through South Yorkshire. And in most areas of the UK. And we can provide bespoke finance options when needed. We are your number-one IT distributor and supplier!

Delivery, Setup, Installation and Support

Do you need a router upgrade? How many companies can supply that router and bring it down in person? Set it up, install it, and configure it? And provide ongoing maintenance, repairs and upgrades? Only a few. We don’t just offer those services for routers. We offer it to cover all your IT needs, including servers etc. Let us drop costs, manage distribution, and reduce downtime for your company.

Picking the right supplier for your needs

We have over 25 years of supporting local businesses. We have a good idea of what our clients need. We notice all the little things most overlook. And ensure your company keeps on running. We have been supplying local businesses since 1996! And we keep up with all the latest technical models, tech, news and changes. And we can offer you the right advice at the right price.

Free, no nonsense Professional advice

Whether it’s a simple telephone system upgrade or a network install, know that we are to help. We have all the experience and knowledge to help. To provide a professional, comprehensive service. At a competitive price and using the best quality hardware products. Call us today for a free, no-obligation IT Hardware quote.


What is IT hardware?

It refers to the physical components of a computer system. Such as desktops, laptops, servers, networking devices, and peripherals. These devices work in tandem with software to execute various tasks. And operations are essential for a business and its staff.

How do hardware suppliers differentiate?

IT hardware suppliers differentiate based on the quality of products. And the breadth of the product range. And pricing, warranty terms, post-purchase support, and the expertise of their staff. Like us, some offer tailored solutions to meet specific business requirements.

Why is IT hardware support crucial for businesses?

Hardware support is essential for businesses. To ensure that their computer systems and networks run smoothly. And without any hiccups or disruptions. It offerings regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting. Expert technical assistance can prolong the life of the hardware. And protect data, and guarantee optimum performance.

How does business IT hardware differ from consumer-grade hardware?

It's built with more robust components and enhanced security features. And it provides extended warranties. They are designed to handle the demands of a business environment. And is more reliable, scalable, and comes with support packages.

What services do hardware suppliers offer?

IT hardware suppliers offer a range of services, including: Sales of computers, servers, and peripherals. Custom configuration and setup. Warranty and post-warranty repairs. Regular maintenance packages. Technical support and consultancy. Hardware procurement for specific business needs.

Why is IT hardware procurement vital in business operations?

Hardware procurement ensures that businesses obtain the right equipment. That is tailored to their specific requirements within their budget. Effective procurement practices can lead to cost savings and more performance. And can improve a company's overall working efficiency.

How do businesses benefit from having a hardware support provider?

Partnering with an IT hardware support provider has benefits. Such as expert technical assistance and aftercare support. And timely hardware upgrades and preventive maintenance. And swift issue resolution. This ensures minimal downtime and optimal performance. And it extends the hardware's lifecycle.

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