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Do You Need IT Support in Wakefield?

You might have found us by typing something like “IT Support Wakefield” in a search engine. If this is true, we are pleased you’re here. Synergy-UK has over 25 years of experience in providing IT services. We provide IT solutions throughout Wakefield and the wider South Yorkshire area. We look after many clients in Wakefield, from shops to accountants, fabricators, banks and charities. As an IT solutions provider, we deliver a full range of support IT services to meet your company’s needs. We’ll proactively resolve issues in your IT network before you notice a problem. We will scan your network for viruses and malware to shield you against any attacks. We’ll back up your data and manage your on-site and hosted servers. Our cover includes callout and remote assistance, network monitoring, backup checks, software updates and patches. It also provides fault-finding, training, website design and more. You can benefit from our trained and experienced IT engineers. Our award-winning SLA assures you a 1-hour response for remote issues and a 4-hour response time for callouts.

Support and Services

We support small and medium size businesses throughout Wakefield. Most of the time, you will not need to ask us to resolve IT issues. We work hard in the background monitoring your IT systems. And we often resolve any problems before you even notice. We monitor everything from backups to security and performance and conduct regular audits. We implement disaster and data recovery plans in preparation for any event. You can rely on us to minimize your downtime. And improve the performance of your IT systems and services.

Our Support Team

Our team is trained and experienced in all aspects of information technology. With over 25 years in the IT industry, there is little we have yet to come across. Our expert staff not only assist you, but they can also offer your staff with IT training. We can train users in various areas, including how to get the most from software, such as Microsoft Office products, Sage, and more. To give tips on security and cybersecurity best practices, like creating strong passwords and not opening suspicious email attachments. Our qualified instructors can meet your bespoke needs and requirements. Get the most from your technology and products with our advanced training.

Meeting Your Needs

Our support technicians aim to listen to your needs and concerns. And they will strive to work towards achieving your goals and plans. From office moves to software and hard upgrades. Regardless of your needs, our dedicated and friendly team is here to help you. Pick from our ad hoc services to maintenance contracts. Call us today to benefit from our decades of experience in the IT industry. We can improve your company’s efficiency and minimize downtime.

Reliable IT Services in Wakefield

We’re well-known for offering responsive and reliable IT services. We have many IT technicians operating the phones, so you can get through to us quickly. And there are no ticketing systems and long waiting times. It’s our IT technicians who will answer the phone when you call. And they will resolve many of your issues while you’re on the phone. Using remote software, our team can resolve niggles quickly and efficiently. Our professionals can offer IT Support with 1 hour SLA agreements for remote issues. And 4 hours SLAs for a call-out to maintain your IT infrastructure.

Proactive Assistance

We take a proactive approach to ensure your team can work efficiently. We don’t wait for something to break and fix when you call. We carry out many manual system checks. And our advanced monitoring software helps us in the background. Our proactive approach allows us to spot when updates are needed and hard drives are getting full. And we can fix many of these things before they disrupt you and your staff.

Your Number One Provider In Wakefield

Wakefield is one of our main catchment areas. And we have many local IT technicians who are close to your company when you need them. Our tech experts are ready to handle your IT work remotely and in person. Our IT support staff offer reliable and scalable solutions. We strive to meet your business goals at a cost-effective price.

User Support

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and they harm many businesses. Antivirus and hardware firewalls are only part of the picture. The first line of defence should be your staff. With our user training and support, we can teach your team best practices. They will learn how to create strong passwords and spot suspicious emails. Let us improve your business performance and security with a good strategy. We will help shield data like personal information and customer details.

Reliable Service by Synergy-UK

We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our standard service covers you during regular working hours. We do have out-of-hours phone numbers if you need them. We work hard and often communicate with your internal team. Furthermore, we go the extra mile to offer you a custom and bespoke level of service.

We're the first-choice IT Company in Wakefield

We're the first-choice IT Company in Wakefield

We provide IT support in Wakefield and throughout the UK. And we have many clients spread across a wide range of industries. Not only that, but we can adjust our bespoke IT solutions to suit your requirements and needs. We differ from other IT contract providers. We can supply a wider variety of solutions and service options. Likewise, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our service to the unique needs of our clients. Our IT packages don’t start with what we can offer. They start with what your business needs. We work to provide you with the ideal solution at a competitive rate.

Professional IT Support Technicians

At Synergy-UK, our team have a wealth of experience. Our IT technicians are well-educated and have supported a variety of firms, both locally in Wakefield and throughout the United Kingdom. We have an excellent track record and are well-known for our bespoke IT solutions. Our solutions are great for small to medium-sized businesses and firms. Whether it’s a small problem, a server upgrade or a network redesign, with our IT support, we can handle anything you need. We explain issues and provide advice in simple terms, free from technical jargon.

On-site IT Assistance

Sometimes, it’s not possible to carry out IT servicing remotely. Along with our remote services, we can provide on-site IT assistance whether you’re seeking advice on Microsoft Word or need your desktop computer speeding up. Or perhaps network expansion, systems integration, or relocation. We can tailor our service to supply just what you need. From a single call-out to a complete IT support agreement, we can scale out IT solutions to suit.

Managed Services

Our managed service is like having your in-house IT professional. You can contact us by phone or email for assistance as much as you like. We can provide you with advice, tips and training when you need it. And we can fix your IT systems remotely and via callout with unlimited usage. We aim to resolve any issues you have, so your company runs smoothly. You’ll have us on hand whenever you need us.

Remote IT Assistance

It can be challenging to diagnose a PC issue over the phone. That’s why we provide our remote support solutions. It’s much less complicated if one of our engineers can view your screen and see the issue. With the push button, we can view your PC while you show any problems you may be experiencing. Remote support enables us to offer help fast (while you are still on the phone reporting it). Both our contract clients and our pay-as-you-go clients take advantage of remote support whenever they need it. We use this platform to provide end users with training and advice. And to execute software updates and preventative maintenance jobs. Our remote assistance ensures you have far less trouble.

Award-Winning IT Solutions

As an award-winning IT assistance company, our specialists are always on hand. We’ll take the trouble out of your information technology. We understand just how vital having a trustworthy IT support company is. Your company data is private, and we take the security of it seriously. We ensure backups are in place and are working. We provide antivirus systems that are set up and are up-to-date. And all configurations on servers, switches, and routers are set right. We can help with 2FA, encryption and further methods to improve cybersecurity. We are fair and reliable and have years of experience and training. Furthermore, we can tweak our IT services in Wakefield to meet your needs. Not only that, but we aim to ensure that all your IT services excel, allowing you to get the most from your IT technology.

Do you provide other IT services?

Yes, we offer an extensive range of IT services. Everything from email hosting, off-site backup, and leased broadband lines. To antivirus solutions, software licencing and much more.

For IT support, call us today! We provide our services across Barnsley, Chesterfield, Derby, Doncaster, Leicester, Loughborough, Mansfield, Nottingham, Rotherham, Sheffield and Wakefield.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does IT support cover?

    IT assistance is a service for fixing technical IT problems. It covers computers, printers, scanners, servers, networks and more. It may include installing software, updates, security, backups and data-related services.

    What is an IT technician?

    An IT person helps with computer troubles. They ensure information technology-related things in a workplace work right.

    What do your IT solutions include?

    Our solutions include remote assistance and on-site callout assistance. And services like hosting, broadband, off-site backups, website design, consultancy, etc. We can assist with office moves, server installs and data cabling. If you want to know more, feel free to call us.

    How much does IT support cost?

    The costs depend on what you need. It depends on how many users and workstations you have and the level of coverage you need. Our prices are competitive. Feel free to call us, and we'll give you a free no, no-obligation quote.

    Why choose Synergy-UK?

    Synergy-UK has been around since 1996 and has improved and improved over the years. Our tech team is friendly and good at what they do. We help many businesses in Wakefield and throughout South Yorkshire with IT issues. Our clients stick with us because we give them what they need for an affordable and competitive price.

    Why choose Synergy-UK?

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