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Thousands of businesses get affected by malware, hackers, and viruses. The threat is real and does pose a significant risk to your business. Our Managed Antivirus Service can help keep you safe. With the proper security and antivirus in place, it will reduce risk. We are partners with many trusted leading antivirus experts. Our partners include Avast, AVG, Mail Distiller and more. Allow us to help and stay one step before the bad guys. Our managed Antivirus system will monitor your network. Seamlessly in the background to ensure you remain protected.

Our advanced antivirus system will scan all of your internet traffic. And will find anything malicious or harmful and protect you in real-time. It will monitor your systems in the background. To make sure your workstations and servers remain virus free and protected.

Your first choice for security, our clients include banks and the MOD.

Your first choice for security, our clients include banks and the MOD.

We have in-house security specialists. Our teams are trained and qualified in Penetration Testing and Network Defence. With our Security Analysts managing your network, you are in good hands. We take cybersecurity seriously and stay up to date with threats. We hold the highest government accreditation. One of which is the Cyber Essentials Plus. For this certification, we get audited by a third party. We can ensure your IT systems are safe and protected from unwanted spam. We can keep you safe from nasty viruses, malware, and hackers. Our Managed Antivirus Software can protect your phone and laptops. And it can protect your workstations, network devices and servers. Any downloaded files or incoming emails receive a scan in real time.

Protecting your Company data

The most common type of virus is the keylogger. Keyloggers steal your company data. Examples include your login names and passwords and online banking details. Our Managed Antivirus System is on guard. It will protect you from this form of attack and will catch 99.9% of them. The system will not need any input from you. And will run unnoticed in the background until something finds something. Our advanced background security scanner can detect all known keylogging. It will not just protect from keyloggers; it can prevent crypto locker, malware and more. And it will stop any damage before it occurs.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a dangerous fast-growing threat. It encrypts your data and demands a ransom fee. And it’s only unencrypted once you pay the cost, but there is no assurance. The technology is fast evolving. And many antivirus solutions fail to prevent it. Our advanced antivirus protection is one step in front of hackers. And the software updates in the background daily.

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