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Fully managed IT Support for SMEs

We know all businesses are unique, and our requirements vary, so our managed IT Support packages are tailored to meet your needs. You can pick from many levels of coverage, which days of the week and the times you need covering. We do offer support contracts or pay-as-you-go services. In today’s modern environment, picking the right IT company is crucial. You need an experienced team to help prevent ever-evolving security threats. We have over 25 years of experience supporting small to medium-sized businesses.

Technology is quickly evolving, new legislation is never ending, and cyber threats are becoming more advanced. We are well aware of this and keep up-to-date with the changes. We’ll ensure your data is safe and things run smoothly.

What more could you ask for? No hidden fees? A certified and experienced team?

What more could you ask for? No hidden fees? A certified and experienced team?

We offer managed support on-site and remote assistance with our state-of-the-art software. We have management and monitoring systems to alert us during issues. We will strive to ensure your IT systems and staff are always up and running. By helping you get the most from your infrastructure and technology, you can focus on commercial success. Using our fully managed IT service is like having your own IT department at a fraction of the cost. We will get to know your business and ensure all your technology needs are covered. There are no hidden costs with a fixed monthly fee.

Delivering world-class Managed IT Support

We established Synergy-UK in 1996, over 25 years ago. And our level of service and professionalism has grown year-on-year. Our KPIs exceed all other IT industry benchmarks, and we would not have it any other way. Customer service is our top priority; we are proactive and endeavour to maintain your IT systems. And we prevent issues from arising without you even noticing. Our cutting-edge management systems allow us to install patches and make changes in the background without disturbing you.

Certified and experienced IT Technicians

Our IT technicians and IT Consultants are experienced and trained to the highest level. Our team members have many years of experience under their belts and accreditations. All of these count when it comes down to keeping your business running smoothly. We can provide staff training where necessary. We can educate staff so you can get the most from the technology available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does our IT support cover?

Our services cover various areas, including your IT systems, PCs, and tech. Our solutions cover remote assistance, ad hoc, emergency response, IT consultancy and managed support. We can provide broadband, telephony, hosting, antivirus and IT hardware. We provide software, IT auditing, data cabling and website design services if required. When you choose us, we provide our customers with the full package. We can support your IT, PC and tech needs and requirements. For more info, give our team a call today.

What is an IT technician?

An IT technician is a technical and tech expert. They are highly knowledgeable in a range of IT and computer-related areas. They have the necessary skills to help fix any PC problems you may be experiencing. And they know of and provide a range of IT services.

What services do your IT solutions include?

Our IT services include remote assistance, ad hoc and emergency response assistance. We can provide IT consultancy and managed IT services. What makes us different? We can install services such as broadband, telephony, hosting and antivirus. We can supply IT hardware, software, auditing, data cabling and website design. When you choose us, we provide the full package for all your IT, PC and tech needs. For more info, give our team a call today.

How much do IT services cost?

Our IT services vary, depending on the client and their needs. The price will consider the type of IT systems you have. And how large and complex the system is. It could be just your workstation, or you have hundreds of computers. You can call our experts, who will consider your needs and develop a bespoke quote. We tailor our solutions to suit your requirements.

Why choose Synergy-UK?

We have a wealth of experience in the IT industry. Our highly skilled IT technicians have assisted many businesses' IT needs locally and across the UK. With this in mind, we have gained a fantastic reputation. We're known for our bespoke IT solutions that are perfect for various companies.

Why choose Synergy-UK?

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