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We offer a wide range of business mobile phone contract deals. Pick from contracts, SIM-only deals and commitment-free handsets. Our competitive prices and unparalleled service set Synergy=UK apart from the crowds of mobile providers. We specialize in business IT and communications solutions. Our mobile phone deals fit your needs through a range of bespoke packages. Whether you already have a price in mind or are just exploring your options, get in touch today to explore our wide range of packages.

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All-in-one mobile phone solutions

Many companies have many phone contracts, but all with different providers, billing dates and a mismatch of phones. You can have all your business’s mobile phones under one account by choosing Synergy-UK. Meaning that everything is clear about which bill is due next. You don’t have to worry about which password is for which account. And you don’t have to worry about what contract each phone has. Choosing one of our bespoke mobile phone packages means everything’s managed under one account. Depending on your choice, you will have the same billing time, and the contract will be the same for most. By choosing Synergy-UK, the network provider can be your choice of O2, EE, Vodafone or Gamma. The choice is yours; however, we will find a provider whose contract suits you with the best price.

Flexible deals & packages

By looking at how you currently use your set of work phones, regarding what apps you use and the number of minutes, texts and data you use each month, we can create a deal which meets your requirements whilst keeping the costs low. Using our trusted partners, we can get you a deal which suits you. We have a range of packages suited to heavy or light users. We have deals for pay-monthly phones, SIM-only deals and SIM-free phones. We bring you even more choices to achieve the best deal for your business at the cheapest possible.

Unparalleled service & care

Unparalleled service & care

You can exchange a like-for-like replacement with most of our contracts within 24 hours. We can collect your faulty device from any address. And we will post your replacement immediately. You may need to back up and remove data from the phone before.

Company Mobile Plans

Synergy-UK offers all of our clients a business experience. We will support you regardless of whether you have one mobile or 1000. As an independent service provider, we can offer the best deals from leading networks. We are ready to supply the best voice and information packages from the leading networks. We integrate a generous mix of minutes, texts, and extra features from your chosen network. MDM, call recording, and unlimited texts, for example. We’ll examine whether a shared data pool might be more suited than private user information packages.

Tariffs & mobiles

Synergy-UK offers your company both SIM-only and gadget tariffs to ensure you get the most out of your mobile communications. Gives you alternatives from any company such as O2, EE or Vodafone, as well as much more. Moreover, using an Apple iPhone, a Samsung, or any other device.


Synergy-UK deals with the current business tolls from O2. We have decades of experience with O2 and use competitive prices for organization SIM just and tool tolls. Synergy-UK has accepted dealership status with O2; this condition provides our consumers access to the most up-to-date products and the most effective tools available on the O2 network. When you select O2 through Synergy-UK, you streamline your solution. All O2 items will be billed with each other on a solitary bill. And the Synergy-UK support team will get on hand to aid you if you have any issues. Choose from various tools, including dongles, smart devices, tablet computers, and landline phones. Or select a SIM-only package, offering you the flexibility to use your existing phone. In addition, O2 supplies a variety of applications and item suites to suit companies of many sizes and with numerous demands.


EE is the UK’s leading network for data, using the widest 4G coverage of any UK network. Synergy-UK can offer fantastic bargains on EE company tolls. EE runs the UK’s most significant and fastest mobile network. It has 4G protection, reaching more than 75 per cent of the UK’s geography and 99 per cent of the population. All Synergy-UK mobile teams have effectively completed the EE-approved systems and have an extensive understanding of the network. As an EE Approved Stockist, we provide first-level advice on a wide range of EE mobile network solutions such as information, voice, text, hardware, and extra, proposing the very best tariff packages that EE needs to use. Whilst we remain independent, we are sustained by EE’s significant gravitas in the mobile area.


Vodafone is one of the largest UK networks. From information to voice, your business can use an affordable Vodafone toll from Synergy-UK. As an advanced companion, we offer various Vodafone service tariffs, including endless and 5G bundles. Vodafone has a variety of shared company strategies offered to assist its corporate and civil services clients to stay linked. With a range of stress-free roaming choices, data-sharing solutions, and support from their specialist advisors, your employees will have whatever they need to succeed. Our special partnership with Vodafone indicates that whether you need a small company, medium-sized or enterprise remedy, we will supply the excellent service most cost-effectively.

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