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We're exceptionally proud of our Team

Synergy-UK was established in 1996 and is a family-run business. With years of experience between us, the company has grown, and so has our team. We love the IT industry and are always learning and sharing our experiences. Our number one priority is offering professional and friendly customer service. We have ensured we picked the right people for the job to achieve this. Meet our dedicated and professional team!

Karl Ashford - Managing Director Karl icon

Karl Ashford

Managing Director

Karen Andrews - Financial Director Karen icon

Karen Andrews

Financial Director

Leigh Ashford - Administrative Assistant Leigh icon

Leigh Ashford

Administrative Assistant

Sam Ashford - Security Analyst Sam icon

Sam Ashford

Security Analyst

Steven Reid - Senior IT Technician Steven icon

Steven Reid

Senior IT Technician

Owen Whiteman - IT Technician Owen icon

Owen Whiteman

IT Technician

Duncan James - IT Technician Duncan icon

Duncan James

IT Technician

Joseph Samuel - IT Technician Joseph icon

Joseph Samuel

IT Technician

What makes our team different?

We have hand-selected each staff member due to their unique skills and abilities. All of our employees are honest, friendly, and have a keen eye for detail. Our staff excel at what they do, from our technicians to our accountants.

What does a typical day in the IT team look like?

Very different! From changing a computer mouse to recovering data from a failed hard drive. Each day brings new challenges which we are happy to tackle. Our top priority is ensuring our customers are happy and operations are running smoothly. Education and training are a key element at Synergy-UK. We ensure our staff’s knowledge and qualifications are always up-to-date.

What is your team presently working on?

Our company has grown rapidly over the past decade. And we’re at the stage where we have everything in place. Procedures, policies, training and our ISO accreditations, for example. Things are running like clockwork, and we aim to carry on growing. We strive to help more local businesses with their IT struggles. We’ve created a wonderful work atmosphere where our staff is happy. Our employees have pension schemes, bonuses, and fun work days out. And we aim to take on more employees to sustain our future growth.

What is one of the most difficult aspects of your role?

The only real challenges we face are new and unique problems which arise. Sometimes, we encounter new viruses and bespoke software systems. We have yet to encounter something we are not able to fix. But when the pressure is on and time is of the essence, we work hard to tackle new challenges as quickly as possible.

What recommendations would you have for someone who wishes to work with the IT team?

Like every other division in Synergy-UK, we emphasize our customer service. We focus on providing the most effective customer experience to clients. Our customers remain the top priority at all times. It’s not just about fixing an IT issue; it’s about keeping the customers in the loop. It’s about preventing issues and informing customers about any downtime for updates.

Why staff are the core of our business?

What makes our company great is our staff. Our team members are friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. We focus on keeping in touch with our customers and like to chat and know how things are going. A good deal of little IT issues go unreported and unresolved. We don’t wish you leave you with niggles. And by keeping that connection, it helps the smooth operation of your business in the long run. People really are at the heart of our organisation.

Our IT team hopes to deal with you; feel free to call us for a chat.

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