Professional Email Spam Filtering

What is Email Spam Filtering, and why do I need it?

Spam emails are not just a nuisance but a threat to any business. Many are annoying and are from other businesses trying to advertise their services. In comparison, some contain malware and viruses or links to sites containing malware and viruses. Many of these malicious programs can cripple a business. And they can do damage, from deleting files to encrypting every file on your network. Our professional filtering for businesses uses advanced spam and virus detection mechanisms. And it blocks these emails before they reach your business.

Our email filtering protection is a cloud service, and inbound and outbound emails pass through it. And it means the automated system will protect you in real-time. Filtered emails do not get deleted; the system blocks them from reaching your mailbox. The system keeps a carbon copy if you need to get to it. Using its advanced detection system, it will not block safe and genuine emails.

Why is Spam Email Filtering for Businesses Essential?

Why is Spam Email Filtering for Businesses Essential?

Besides the security risks, spam emails can waste your time. Trawling through hundreds of spam in your inbox is a time-draining activity. Employees can lose much of their working day reading to determine if it’s genuine or a threat. Fifty spam emails can take up to one hour to trawl through. Times this by 30 staff, which soon becomes a huge drain on man-hours and resources. The cost of our email filtering services is fractional compared to this.

Quick deployment with Zero Downtime

We can deploy our advanced email protection system with zero downtime. We configure the system in advance, so once we flick the switch, the service becomes available immediately with no loss of service. Our email filtering system improves the reliability of your email service. If your email server goes down or has issues, the spam filtering system will still accept the emails. And it will forward them as soon as your server comes back online. This functionality prevents any lost emails and bounce-backs.

Highly customizable Email Spam Filtering

Our email filtering system is very advanced and has hundreds of customizable configurations. We can increase and decrease the sensitivity of the system. We can allow certain emails or domains to the allowlist and blocklist. Giving you full control of what you do and don’t receive. The system blocks email spoofing, stopping hackers from impersonating your company. Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be sent to any email, breaking down statistics of what’s blocked and what’s not. Lists of blocked emails can also be sent as reports if needed.

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