Superfast Broadband for Business

So many choices... FTTP, FTTC, Wireless Leased Lines and EFM

There have never been so many ways to deliver Superfast broadband to your business! Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and many new services such as Fibre to the Cabinet and Wireless Leased Lines have come along. All of these services can give you Ultrafast broadband, with some differences such as cost, installation times, availability, maximum speed and latency. As we have 25 years of experience in the industry and offer all of these services to hundreds of businesses across the UK, we are confident we will find the perfect connection for you.

There are two types of fibre connections, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). FTTC isn’t as fast as FTTP but it’s much cheaper and quicker to install, it’s fibre to your local exchange or cabinet and copper from there to your premises. If your business is close to the cabinet or exchange you can reach a speed of up to 80Mbps.

Superfast Wired and Wireless Leased Lines

Superfast Wired and Wireless Leased Lines

A dedicated wired leased line is the fastest and most reliable type of connection available. They can be installed anywhere within the UK but can be costly and may take months to install. As we are partners with Virgin, BT, Gamma and Daisy, we can get you the best deal for the best price.

We also offer wireless leased lines, it’s a dedicated fibre leased line to one of our exchanges, and wireless from the exchange to your business. The wireless technology is advanced and can deliver speeds up to 10Gbps with under 10ms latency. Giving you the benefits of a leased line at a fraction of the cost.

We take away the confusion and help you find the right connection

Wireless, FTTC, EFM, FTTP, can all be a little confusing. As well as this the majority of internet service providers sell misleading products, leaving you tied to a contract with a service you are not happy with. We understand all of the Superfast Leased Line products available, and work with you to understand your requirements, allowing us to offer you the perfect service. Not only this we have access to partner pricing from major suppliers, allowing us to give you a better price than you can get going direct to the major brands.

Ultrafast broadband with Maximum Flexibility

Do you need a superfast connection live and working within 5 days? We can offer this with a wireless leased line on our private network. Do you need a super-fast broadband connection for under £100? We can do this with our wireless broadband and FTTC products. Do you need a 10Gbps connection which can support up to 10,000 users? We can do that too with a dedicated fibre to the premises connection. No matter what your requirements are, we have you covered!

Kind words from our Clients

We are very happy with the IT Support service we receive from Synergy. Their team is highly professional and friendly, and their support and maintenance contract works extremely well for us as an organisation. Our staff are not here to resolve IT issues and Synergy gives us the freedom to get on with what we’re good at! Knowing that Synergy are on the end of the phone makes our job a lot easier.

Natalie Glasby

Glasby Pallets

We recently moved into new office’s and needed a reliable phone system installing as soon as possible. From initial contact with Synergy, outlining our requirements up to an installed & operating service was less than one week. The installation went smoothly and it appears to be working very well. Many thanks to Synergy, we have been impressed by the quick turnaround and level of service provided.

Robert Eaton

Arba Group

Our business is dependent on reliable internet connectivity. The connection we had with our previous provider was not reliable enough to suit our business needs. We found a local business called Synergy Networks, who were offering resilient wireless connectivity. We made the switch and have now found the new system to be more reliable and quicker than the old system. Good decision to change.

David Webster

MTL Advanced

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