Structured Network Data Cabling

Professional Structured Network Data Cabling

We have decades of experience installing data cabling. Including CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7 and Fibre. From installing a few data points to thousands, every job is a manageable size. Most of your business technology relies on a stable network. From your computer and telephony to other network-connected hardware. Such as alarm systems, CCTV, wireless access points and more! Wireless technologies have improved over the years. But it would help if you had a reliable wired connection for network infrastructure.

Synergy-UK has a team of installers with over 25 years of experience. We have been fitting structured network data cabling from the start. From Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 through to wireless links. Our engineers have a wide variety of experience. And our team has a breadth of techniques. Our expertise ensures the installation goes smoothly and is up to standard. We test all the cables we fit, and we can give test results when needed.

How Synergy-UK can help with network cabling

How Synergy-UK can help with network cabling

We provide a 12-month warranty on all our installations. And we aim to give you peace of mind. Rest assured that our work is completed to a high standard. We only use supplies for your network installations from leading brands. We use brands such as Excel and Ubiquity. Our engineers have years of training and experience. And we can install network cabling to the best standard. We can, if needed, complete the work on weekends or nights. To limit the disruption to your business and your staff. We go the extra mile for our customers.

Fixed price network cabling

Regarding data cabling, we can give you a fixed price per point. We can do this before commencing the network cabling. There are no hidden charges or surprises. Our prices are competitive, and our level of work is world-class. Our teams have been installing, expanding, and repairing structured cables since the 1990s. There isn’t anything we haven’t come across before. From working at heights and dangerous environments. To core drilling through concrete floors, we have done it all. We test all of our work and label all points on completion.

Going the Extra Mile

Synergy-UK is a Sheffield-based company. But we can carry out data cabling installation in all of South Yorkshire. We will take on any job, whether large or small. We understand the importance of a quality network infrastructure. And all the incorporated systems on your network. With us, we give you peace of mind. Peace of mind that your network cabling is completed to the best of standards. And our dedicated team of engineers will look after you.

What is network cabling?

Network cabling refers to the installation of cables. These cables connect computers, switches, and other hardware devices. And they allow for the transfer of data across devices. This includes both wired and wireless solutions.

What is the difference between network cabling and data cabling?

People may refer to the cables as "network cabling" or "data cabling". But it includes all types of connections in a network. And it provides a transfer of voice, video, and data. Data cabling refers to the physical infrastructure. The cables transmit digital data between devices in a network.

What is Cat5e cabling?

Cat5e, short for Category 5 enhanced. It's standard for Ethernet and other network cables. It supports data transfer rates up to 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps. And can cover up to 100 meters in the distance. Cat5e is designed to reduce crosstalk or interference. This later version improves data integrity over the old version, Cat5.

Why choose Cat5e over other cabling options?

Cat5e is popular because it offers a good balance. It provides performance, reliability, and cost. It is suitable for most business network requirements. Furthermore, it supports speeds that are adequate for many applications. And it's easy to find compatible components and accessories.

How long does it take to install network cabling?

The installation time for cabling varies. The main factors are the office size and the number of points. And how complex the network design is. And the ease of access to the installation sites. There may be other minor factors. For a small office, it may take only a day or two. But for larger, more complex setups, it can take several days or even weeks. An on-site assessment can provide a more accurate timeline.

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