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Our VoIP phone system (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service is the most advanced yet simplest to use. There are no upfront, and you do not require any equipment. Since our VoIP business phone service is cloud-hosted, all you will need is the VoIP handsets. We can provide these (if you still need them) and an internet connection. We will manage the rest. By using your existing (or new) business broadband, a VoIP telephone solution will drastically cut the costs of your business communications. With the choice of telephony we offer, our bespoke solutions can be moulded to perfectly suit the needs of your small to medium-sized business. With our ‘mix and match’ service, pairing our VoIP telephony with our competitive business broadband will give you great results whilst saving money and time.

Getting Started

To get started, you only need to contact us via email, phone or through our Clients Form.

We'll have a chat about what you need

You’ll need to tell us the outcome you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest.

We will assign a personal team to you

Experts in the services required by your outcome will go through the details and get the ball rolling.

We'll deploy your new services

We’ll install, set up and support you throughout the process and ensure you’re secure and confident in your IT moving forward.

Simple & Easy To Use

Our business phone system provides a broad range of call-handling features accessible via the web. Our managed IP PBX dashboard gives you convenient access to your call history, voicemail and recorded calls. Personalized settings are quick and easy to set, ensuring your calls are handled effectively.

Reduced Cost

The most appealing quality of a hosted VoIP service is the bill reduction. You can do away with your ISDN and analogue phone lines and use your existing internet connection. Call costs are significantly cheaper than landlines, and there is no server or PBX to buy or maintain. The phones are 12 volts and low energy, contributing to your electricity bill savings.

Integrate Your Current Desktop Infrastructure with Synergy

Integrate Your Current Desktop Infrastructure with Synergy

Our PC Integration software lets you control your VoIP phone system from your PC and laptop. The software offers several functions, such as dialling, answering and forwarding calls from your PC without touching the phone. It is capable of connecting with Microsoft Outlook and 50+ CRM Platforms. This allows you to pull off contact information. It will show you an onscreen pop-up to see who is calling before you answer the VoIP phone system.

Feature Rich

Our VoIP business phone systems have many different features, all contributing to great value for money. Some of the most important features of our business telephones include:

Multiple call handling with caller ID and number.

Speakerphone and headset support.

A menu-driven user interface with attended and blind call transfers.

Customizable call and music hold.

Three-way call conferencing.

Call blocking, swapping and forwarding.

Phone book and on-hook dialling.

Redial and answerphone service.

Mobile Application

Our Mobile application allows you to answer and make office calls from your mobile using the VoIP system platform. You can dial out using your office phone number presentation. The mobile app will be given an extension number, so it can be called quickly from the desk phones in your office, ideal for working from home or on-the-go solutions. Our Mobile application is perfect for use by sales teams and out-of-office workers. This ensures your customers or clients always dial a professional number.

Benefits of Switching

  • Competitive call rates
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Grows with your needs
  • Advanced call handling and routing
  • Cloud-based, fully-featured
  • Multiple concurrent calls
  • Low contract terms
  • Cost-saving potential

A wide choice of handsets

Our VoIP system can be used with a range of handsets from a choice of manufacturers. Our system isn’t tied to one type of manufacturer specific hardware and can also be connected through an easy-to-use desktop PC client. Contact us for a full list of compatible hardware, features and options.

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