Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Level Up your Security for Remote Working

We offer many Two-Factor Authentication solutions. 2FA provides an extra layer of security for those working remotely. Since the pandemic, we’ve found many UK businesses have changed. Many companies use a hybrid style of working. 46.6% of the total UK workforce now work from home.

Working remotely, whether at home or travelling, has its benefits. But how do you know the person connecting to the office is your staff member? Our 2FA ensures only the right people can use your systems.

We are the first choice for security. Our clients include the Finance Industry and the MOD.

We are the first choice for security. Our clients include the Finance Industry and the MOD.

Our Two-Factor Authentication adds a second layer of protection. Access will no longer need a username and a password. On top of this, a code can be sent to a mobile via SMS. Or an email will be sent with a unique access code. This code will need to be included, as well as the username and password. To access the system, people need access to a mobile or email. Once verified using your chosen form of 2FA, access works as usual.

Protecting your Company data.

You need Two-Factor Authentication for Cybersecurity insurance. We have many 2FA solutions and options. And we have spent countless hours testing many 2FA platforms. For small businesses, Duo stands out amongst the rest. We are partners with Duo and can help with setup. And in maintenance and changes. As a partner, we can offer competitive rates on this solution. If you need Two-Factor Authentication, give us a call today! Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Protection

DUO is part of the leading cybersecurity provider, Cisco. Duo helps to reduce risk by enforcing precise policies and controls. You can define and enforce rules on who can access systems. And under what conditions and access policies. User groups can boost security without affecting user experience. While prompting users with 2FA to verify. The Duo has some monitoring features to assess the following:

  • Monitoring software for health, security, and updates.
  • Set security settings on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.
  • Tracks location and network data.

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