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What is Unified Communications

Unified Communication is quite similar to VoIP phone systems. It comes with added features and options for business. This system links and streamlines all of your devices. It can merge your desk phone, mobile, laptop, computer, and tablet. It allows you to reach everyone from any device. Furthermore, it combines video, instant messaging, SMS, and speech recognition. You get the standard voicemail, email, and VoIP. Being able to access everything from any device makes it simple. You are allowing your remote staff and teams to talk with ease.

The benefit of Unified Communications is a single experience. And joins multiple devices. You can end contact on one device and pick it up on another in real time. The features are much more advanced than this. Throw in video with unlimited people. And file sharing, Microsoft Teams, document, and joint projects. And you have a Unified Solution.

What benefits do you get with a Unified Communication Solution?

What benefits do you get with a Unified Communication Solution?

It allows staff to reach out in any form from any device. And it helps you attract and retain customers. It ensures agents are efficient and improves customer experiences. It keeps callers well-informed, streamlining operations. Furthermore, it can help businesses with a few support staff to multi-site companies. Unified Communications can give you a solution that can help you. Streamline your business flows and improve customer satisfaction.

Why choose Synergy for your Unified Communications?

We have over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. And we can offer leading UK-based customer support. We have links with all major networks. And can provide scalable and tailored solutions for businesses. You will receive a dedicated account manager. You will have access to trained experts with years of experience. Choose from a range of feature-rich telephone systems. Choose from cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid solutions. Increase your output and enhance business performance. You gain all this with the power of Unified systems.

Utilizing existing equipment

Many of our Unified solutions can run with your existing IT. Unified Communication software, which will run on Windows. And platforms such as Android, Linux and macOS. Turn your existing software into a feature-rich platform. The platform allows video, file sharing, teams and much more.


What is Unified Communication?

UC joins many contact services into a single platform. This platform allows users to access and manage different channels. It has voice, video, messaging, and more from a unified interface.

What are the critical components of UC?

The crucial part of UC is voice over the internet (VoIP). It features video, messaging and presence information. It joins messaging to email, voicemail, and fax. And tools (file sharing, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards).

What are the benefits of UC?

UC offers many benefits, including improved contact efficiency. And more capacity and cost savings (reduced telephony bills). You can enhance work among teams and provide better mobility support. And the ability to seamlessly switch between different channels.

How does Unified Communication help with remote teams?

UC enables remote teams to work as a team with ease. Their physical location has no effect. It comes with features like video, instant messaging and file sharing. Team members can communicate in real time, fostering connection and teamwork.

Can UC integrate with business applications?

Many UC platforms offer integration options. And can connect with existing business applications. Connect your CRM, email clients, and project management tools. This integration helps streamline workflows. And join information sharing in the applications staff use daily.

Why choose Synergy-UK?

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